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The Mountains & The Sea

April 1st, 2011 · 101 Comments

Deux Chevron

Well, we’ve finally done it. Seth and I have FINALLY opened our Etsy shop, The Mountains & The Sea! We are still very new to this but we’ve been wanting to do this shop thing for many years now and we actually did it. We’re proud to have our art out there and we’re truly loving the response! We took the time to set up a blog for little art collaboration on Tumblr, create a Facebook Fan Page (Like us!) and we started posting on Twitter. The Mountains & The Sea is our newest addiction and it’s a healthy one, so it’s OK!

The Last Ship Out of There

We have big plans to create, create, create! Seth is a master at fantastical illustrations and he’s really gotten back into painting everything from wall art to wearables. He has some great ideas for future shop items – so stay tuned! I have really enjoyed creating ceramic beads and pendants for the past year or so and, after many requests, I have finally gotten around to selling my jewelry! Eventually I will start listing some traditional, non-wearable pottery and various other handmade goodies. So, follow along with us and visit our shop to see what we have in store.

The Mountains & The Sea on Etsy:
The Mountains & The Sea on Facebook:
The Mountains & The Sea on Tumblr:
The Mountains & The Sea on Twitter:

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And then there were three!

January 10th, 2011 · 153 Comments

A little over a year ago, on January 3rd, 2010, a sweet bundle of joy was brought into the world. He was a little fighter, fighting to stay in the comfort of the womb! Eventually little Eli stopped fighting it and took his first breaths as a newborn in this world. Although, at times, he wasn’t too excited about the idea (maybe it was the flash bulbs hurting his baby eyes), I had the pleasure of taking Eli’s first in-studio portraits. What a super star he is!

Eli Newborn Session 1

Sweet moments with mommy…
Eli Newborn Session 2

Little pouty-face with daddy… so cute!
Eli Newborn Session 3

Beautiful family.
Eli Newborn Session 4

Eli Newborn Session 5

A week ago, today, Eli turned one. It’s hard to believe that time has moved so quickly but he has made this year so much fun for the whole Jones family! He’s a hilarious kid and I have loved watching him grow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eli!

Eli turns one!

Eli turns one!

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Logo Review | 2010

January 1st, 2011 · 144 Comments

Logo creation is one of those things that I will always love. Learning about someone’s history and aspirations for an up-and-coming business or for an established company is fascinating to me. To take an idea and build on it, to grow it into something that will identify and brand one’s business or even the person themselves, is something I really get a thrill out of. I love helping people solve a problem through design by creating an image, a visual identity, to represent their cause. Here are a few designs that I have had the honor of working on this past year.

An independent, at-home pet sitting and care service – Happy@Home
Happy@Home Logo

Professional Photographer – Richard Byers

Richard Byers Photography Logo

A Photographer with a unique eye – Maxibelle Photography
Maxibelle Photography Logo

Producers of high quality EOD Training Aids – Improvised Electronics

Improvised Electronics Logo

Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort – Rocky Creek Veterinary Hospital
Rocky Creek Veterinary Hospital Logo

Visual Artist and Pro Photographer – Pam3la Art & Photography

Pam3la Art & Photography Logo

Big thanks to all of my wonderful clients from 2010! I can’t wait to see what 2•0•1•1 will bring.

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