Logo Review || 2010

Logo creation is one of those things that I will always love. Learning about someone’s history and aspirations for an up-and-coming business or for an established company is fascinating to me. To take an idea and build on it, to grow it into something that will identify and brand one’s business or even the person themselves, is something I really get a thrill out of. I love helping people solve a problem through design by creating an image, a visual identity, to represent their cause. Here are a few designs that I have had the honor of working on this past year.

An independent, at-home pet sitting and care service – Happy@Home
Happy@Home Logo

Professional Photographer – Richard Byers

Richard Byers Photography Logo

A Photographer with a unique eye – Maxibelle Photography
Maxibelle Photography Logo

Producers of high quality EOD Training Aids – Improvised Electronics

Improvised Electronics Logo

Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort – Rocky Creek Veterinary Hospital
Rocky Creek Veterinary Hospital Logo

Visual Artist and Pro Photographer – Pam3la Art & Photography

Pam3la Art & Photography Logo

Big thanks to all of my wonderful clients from 2010! I can’t wait to see what 2•0•1•1 will bring.

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