I’m not going to lie…

I’m a terrible blogger! Awful, awful, awful! I keep saying that I’ll post but sometimes life just gets in the way. I’m a busy girl and sometimes blogging just gets pushed to the side so here’s a quicky rundown since my last post.

  • I got a job in December in the communications department at A-B Tech in Asheville, working part-time.
  • Worked for most of the school year as a teachers assistant at a local preschool. LOVE IT!
  • Pottery class is fantastic. Although I have been taking classes for months and still struggle with centering, I’m still going strong!
  • Jones Family Farm is growing, growing, growing! The guys just sold their first online order to a local restaurant today and have been selling produce at Michael’s Market. I even got out there and hoed around the garden this week (ha!). Exhausting in this heat but it felt so good to be working the farm!
  • Signed up for a summer sewing course (hooray!) at A-B Tech. Can’t wait to actually understand my sewing machine.
  • Freelancing left and right (4 logos for photographers in the past 6 months) and several other logo projects, ads, and email marketing. So much work! WOW!
  • I DIY’d my own photo studio and took school portraits. Backdrop stand, light stands, handmade softbox, and a large diffuser were all made for under $50! I was so shocked when the parents of the kids ended up loving the photos, many saying they were the best school portraits they’ve ever seen. I was flattered and so excited by the results of my hand-built studio. Nearly every parent bought prints, too!
  • I joined a local woman’s group and have met some wonderful folks here! We go out, have a great time hanging out and make donations to local causes.
  • My aunt and uncle talked Seth and me into white water kayaking with Green River Adventures in Saluda. It was a great day!
  • My photography has been pushed to the side since leaving Raleigh. I still take photos but without my Flickr crew, it’s hard to stay motivated. I really need a local group and have been considering starting one of my own with some friends from work. We’ll see what the summer brings.

and last, but certainly not least –

  • Seth, the pups and I are doing well, are loving our house on Main Street and the new life we have in the foothills of North Carolina.

I hope to get back to what little blogging I have done. With summer vacation, I’m sure things will lighten up and can make some free time to post. Time will only tell!

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